Era of Freedom

Live free and let animals live free, nature is their home. Do not breed them in prison, at your home, for your own purpose, because you can call yourself human only by not doing this. You should know, that human is human only then, when he is not harming the life of another species. You should also know, that all of the mankind problems exist because animals are used for food, appliances and entertainment. Get rid of this addiction - slaughtering and taking advantage of animals. If you are a human and you think that you are worthy of love, then get rid of the slaughter foods - meat, and the slaughter clothing - leather and fur, and this will be only your first step to kindness and love. When you eat meat you become part of slaughtering and torture. Think about it, what are humans worth that fail to live without animals. Become a free human and let animals life their lives in their homes - in Nature.

Autorė: Dailanagu