Love is a condition

Do you need love? Do you want to love and be loved? Why do some people experience a great, powerful, unique love that transfuses through their soul, body and mind, while others either experience lots of unfortunate relationships or are lonely and don't find Love at all? Love exists. You are worthy of the kind of love that you are yourself. True people gain true love: eternal, devoted and unique. If a faithful, devoted to you person if next to you, that means you are worthy and that you know how to love. When desire, pleasure, wealth or entertainment take place, Love will leave you and it will hurt so much that devotion will disappear, body will grow with fat.. and will become ill, mind will sink in depression or alcohol. Love, seek for True Love, and it will come bringing perfection, peace and joy.

Most of the time, a relationship of lovers without making love shows disharmony. Making love without love is just a biological function. Having sex when being in love means a compete devotion to the loved one, it bring health, ecstasy, which doesn't fit into any verbal description. There is a big difference between the pleasure of gaining energy and the pleasure of loosing energy. A common sexual intercourse ends with the ejaculation of sperm, which is right off being refilled by the organism from the glands, to be more precise - from blood. Blood takes the needed elements from every organ and from the brains. A constant sperm ejaculation drains out the most valuable substances of the organism, promotes aging and relative processes. The soul that is gaining only the corporeal pleasure starts to weaken and shuts itself in, then only desires and egoism are left which lead to anger, jealousy and the breaking up in the relationship. People start to change their partners searching for the assumed love, but they find disappointment and they desire to stay alone. Having sex while preserving and gaining energy can create positive poles, because it does not contain disappointments, the people are able to make love as often as they want and whenever they want, and it does not depend on their age, the relationship becomes unpretentious. It i important to always remember that everything, including pleasure, depends on the level of freedom.

Autorė: Dailanagu